effort collocations and examples

 UK /ˈefə(r)t/

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an attempt to do something

Adjectives frequently used with effort
big: all-out, big, concentrated, concerted, considerable, determined, great, massive, strenuousA concerted effort has been made to clean up the area.

Usage note

To say that someone makes a big effort to do something, you can say they spared no effort in doing something: No effort was spared in maintaining clean attractive stations.

very good: brave, heroic, sterling, valiantThe Net was a valiant effort by the BBC to put together a non-kid’s programme about the internet.continuing: sustained, tireless, unstinting, untiringI would like to thank thank the organizers for their tireless efforts to ensure the smooth running of the conference.enough: all reasonable, everyAll reasonable efforts have been made to contact the current copyright holder.small: feeble, littleHe made a feeble effort to move, staggered, then fell to the ground.conscious: consciousMake a conscious effort to slow down your breathing.desperate: desperate, franticThey were making frantic efforts to save the injured passengers.unsuccessful: futile, vain, wastedI wrote down my thoughts in a vain effort to get rid of them by sharing them with the world.worthwhile: worthwhileI felt as though all my efforts had been worthwhile.at the end: final, last, last-ditchThe UN is trying to secure talks between the two sides in a last-ditch effort to avoid war.by a group: collaborative, combined, cooperative, joint, teamThis book is a collaborative effort involving several researchers.by one person: individual, soloWe must all make our individual effort to care for our world and encourage others to do the same.

Verbs frequently used with effort
make an effort: makeThe employee should make all reasonable efforts to attend the interview.make a bigger effort: intensify, redouble, renewWe redoubled our efforts, and were soon rewarded.continue making an effort: continueAround 30 firefighters are continuing their efforts to put out the fire.stop making an effort: abandonWe will never abandon our efforts for the elimination of nuclear weapons.focus your effort: concentrate, direct, focus, targetWe must concentrate our efforts on the big issues that cause real harm.make someone’s efforts less successful: block, frustrate, hamper, hinder, impede, sabotage, thwart, undermineOther colleagues may be trying to undermine your efforts.reward or support someone’s efforts: reward, supportTheir efforts were rewarded when their striker scored.
Verbs that frequently follow effort
fail: come to nothing, fail, prove unsuccessfulAll their efforts had failed and they felt there was little more that they could do.succeed: pay off, prove successful, succeedMy efforts finally paid off and I got the job I wanted.
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