elect collocations and examples

 UK /ɪˈlekt/

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to choose someone by voting

Adverbs frequently used with elect
in fair elections: constitutionally, democratically, freely, legitimatelyThe next step in the process is to democratically elect a Regional Council to oversee and run the region.when everyone votes for someone: unanimouslyThe board unanimously elected its chief executive to succeed Mr Weill as chairman.by the people in a particular area: locally, nationally, regionallyThey were locally elected officials who listened to the people and gave them what they wanted.at the correct time or according to the correct procedure: duly, formallyCouncillor Bresland was duly elected and took up the position as Chairman.when most people vote for someone: by a landslide, overwhelminglyHe was overwhelmingly elected president of the new republic.directly/indirectly: directly, indirectlyThe parliament represents the EU’s citizens and is directly elected by them.
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