elegant collocations and examples

 UK /ˈelɪɡənt/

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beautiful in a graceful or simple way

Adverbs frequently used with elegant
very: beautifully, extremely, incredibly, rather, remarkably, so informal, strikingly, supremely, truly, very, wonderfullyIt is a wonderfully elegant building.in a particular way: casually, classically, coollyThe room is decorated in classically elegant rich burgundy colours.in someone’s style of clothes: sartoriallyBugs Bunny is a sartorially elegant but rather naughty cartoon rabbit.
Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with elegant
beautiful, graceful, refined, sophisticated, stylishThe hotel has all the ingredients for an elegant and stylish wedding.

impressive because of being simple and effective

Adverbs frequently used with elegant
very: extremely, incredibly, particularly, rather, supremely, very, wonderfullyThe result is a wonderfully elegant and rigorous system.in a particular way: mathematically, technically, theoreticallyScientists have have to devise solutions that are not only technically elegant but also cost effective.
Nouns frequently used with elegant
prose, solutionThe article is written in clear, readable, and elegant prose.
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