element collocations and examples

 UK /ˈelɪmənt/

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an important basic part of something complicated

Adjectives frequently used with element
important: critical, crucial, essential, important, integral, key, major, significant, vitalParents’ involvement is a key element in the success of their children’s learning at school.most important: central, core, mainThe student should be able to identify the main elements of climate.basic: basic, fundamentalThere are four basic elements of a story – a beginning, a middle and an end together with some sort of credible plot.individual: constituent, discrete, individualThink of it as a coherent system, not a series of individual elements.different: different, disparateAll of those seemingly disparate elements are blended into one coherent whole.of a particular type: decorative, graphic, graphical, structural, visualThe main structural elements of the house simply rest on the concrete blocks.
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