elite collocations and examples

 UK /ɪˈliːt/

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a small group of people with a lot of advantages

Adjectives frequently used with elite
with a high social position: aristocratic, educated, landed, privileged, wealthyPower and wealth is in the hands of the privileged elite.powerful: powerfulDisputes about national economic policy arose between these powerful elites.small: smallArt is not just for a small wealthy elite.in charge of an area or country: governing, rulingA small number of families traditionally formed the core of the country’s ruling elite.in a particular area: local, urbanPiped water supply in most poor countries is only available to a small urban elite constituting a tiny proportion of the population.types of elite: bureaucratic, business, capitalist, cultural, economic, intellectual, liberal, military, political, socialThis plan has been made by political elites against the interests of the common people.
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