embargo collocations and examples

 UK /ɪmˈbɑː(r)ɡəʊ/

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a government order preventing trade with another country

Adjectives frequently used with embargo
total: absolute, complete, totalHe supported a total embargo on trade.strict: comprehensive, crippling, strict, tightThe army is roughly half the size it was during the recent war and remains under a tight arms embargo.not total: partialPresident Eisenhower responded by declaring a partial embargo on trade with Cuba.types of embargo: arms, economic, export, international, military, oil, tradeGasoline prices fell lower than they had been at any time since the oil embargo of 1973.
Verbs frequently used with embargo
put an embargo on something: declare, impose, lay, place, putThe government had placed an embargo on the export of raw nuts because it could not believe the low prices that the exporters were quoting.make sure that an embrago is obeyed: enforceThey were not able to guarantee that the embrago would be strictly enforced.be affected by an embargo: be affected by, be underAt that time both countries were under US trade embargos.end an embargo: end, lift, removeThey decided to lift the arms embargo on the region.not end an embargo: maintain, prolongFrance’s decision to maintain the embargo caused a trade row.make an embargo more/less strict: ease, tightenIt also tightened the weapons embargo and cracked down hard on the oil-smuggling trade.break an embargo: be in breach of, breach, break, bypass, circumvent, violateInternational arms embargoes are systematically violated.not break an embargo: respectThey declared in July that they would no longer respect the trade embargo.
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