endurance collocations and examples

 UK /ɪnˈdjʊərəns/

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the ability to continue doing something difficult, especially something physical

Adjectives frequently used with endurance
types of endurance: human, mental, physicalHe is keen to improve his physical endurance in preparation for this year’s British Championships.great: great, heroicWe read of feats of great endurance, daring and bravery.
Verbs frequently used with endurance
improve endurance: build, build up, develop, enhance, improve, increaseTo increase endurance, eat more sweet, juicy fruits, and more protein.find out how good someone’s endurance is: testThe course was far too short to test the endurance of the competitors.have endurance: have, possessHe had the endurance but lacked the speed needed for cross-country.
Nouns frequently used after endurance
person: athlete, cyclist, racer, rider, runnerIs there any real benefit to be gained from weight training if you are an endurance athlete?activity: activity, event, exercise, race, racing, ride, riding, running, sport, training, workoutBoth groups also continued with their normal endurance training.test: testThis really became something of an endurance test because the thing went on for so long.
Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with endurance
courage, fitness, patience, perseverance, power, speed, stamina, strengthThese exercises aim to increase muscular strength and endurance.
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