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 UK /ˈenə(r)dʒi/

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the supply of physical power or enthusiasm that you have

Adjectives frequently used with energy
very great or intense: boundless, inexhaustible, pure, raw, sheer, tremendousGerry’s enthusiasm and boundless energy will be missed by everyone at the school.too much: excess, surplusLet the kids work off their excess energy with a few races.emotional: emotional, manic, nervousI expended a lot of nervous energy on the day of the wedding.not expressed: pent-upNow was the time to release all that pent-up energy.of a particular type: creative, youthfulTheir youthful energy was just what the project needed.
Verbs frequently used with energy
put energy into something: channel, concentrate, devote, direct, focus, put, throw, turnHis conducting is always fun to watch because he puts so much energy into it.use energy: expend, invest, useSo Guido has decided that he’d rather people expended their energy on something a little more productive.have a lot of energy: be brimming with, be bursting with, be buzzing with, be filled with, be fizzing with, be full of, be overflowing withShe seemed to be bursting with energy throughout the show.have energy: have, possessI still feel I have the energy and enthusiasm I always had.get energy: summon, summon upThey couldn’t summon up the energy for a game of energy: conserve, saveShould they run more slowly to conserve energy?not have energy: be drained of, lackI gain weight extremely easily and lack energy.waste energy: wasteI’m sure I made those complaints last time so I won’t waste energy repeating them.get rid of energy: release, work offI need to work off all this surplus energy I’ve got.
Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with energy
commitment, enthusiasm, excitement, imagination, passion, talent, time, vitalityIt all takes time and energy.

a form of power such as electricity

Adjectives frequently used with energy
provided by a particular form of power: atomic, geothermal, nuclear, solar, thermal, tidal, wave, windBy 2075, the uranium used for nuclear energy will be running out.less harmful to environment: alternative, clean, green, renewable, sustainableMany countries are turning to renewable energy to supplement traditional power generation.
Verbs frequently used with energy
save energy: conserve, saveIn addition, the technology uses cold water, which also saves energy.produce energy: generate, produceSeveral thousand wind turbines would be needed to produce the same energy as a conventional power station.waste energy: wasteWe need to educate our children to understand the importance of not wasting energy.use energy: consume, useIn a typical city, 47 per cent of all energy is consumed by buildings.
Nouns frequently used after energy
use: consumption, usage, useThe threat of global warming means we should be decreasing our energy use, not increasing it.careful use: conservation, savingEnergy saving is often the easiest way to cut carbon emissions.cost: bill, costs, expenditure, pricesInitial estimates suggest that they could reduce energy costs by 30–50 per cent.production: generation, productionWe must explore ways of developing renewable forms of energy production.
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