enjoyment collocations and examples

 UK /ɪnˈdʒɔɪmənt/

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pleasure that you get from something

Adjectives frequently used with enjoyment
great: great, maximum, muchI remember all those superb athletes who have given me such great enjoyment through the years.pure: pure, sheerWhether you read for self-improvement or just for sheer enjoyment, this book is for you.of a particular kind: aesthetic, sensualArtists have a sensual enjoyment of colour and texture.obvious: evident, obviousThe musicians’ obvious enjoyment produces a fantastic stage show.of one or more people: mutual, personal, public, shared, someone’s ownWhat brought them together was almost certainly their mutual enjoyment of music.Cycle at your own pace, for your own enjoyment.
Verbs frequently used with enjoyment
get enjoyment: derive, gain, getMembers of the choir derive great enjoyment from their informal rehearsals.give enjoyment: bring (someone), give (someone)This delightful production will bring enjoyment to children of all ages.increase enjoyment: enhance, ensure, heighten, increase, maximize, multiplyThis beautifully illustrated book will enhance readers’ enjoyment of wild flowers.lessen enjoyment: affect, diminish, disrupt, hamper, impair, impede, lessen, mar, ruin, spoilIt was fairly busy, but that didn’t spoil our enjoyment of this lovely spot.encourage enjoyment of something: encourage, promoteWe aim to promote the enjoyment and understanding of cinema throughout the UK.
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