enthusiasm collocations and examples

 UK /ɪnˈθjuːziˌæzəm/

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the feeling of being very interested in something or excited by it

Adjectives frequently used with enthusiasm
great: boundless, considerable, enormous, genuine, great, much, real, sheer, such, tremendous, unbounded, unbridledTheir common bond is their boundless enthusiasm for film.People set to work with such enthusiasm that the job was completed on time.not great: littleThe students showed little enthusiasm for the subject.affecting others: contagious, infectiousAll the instructors really enjoy their work and their enthusiasm is infectious.obvious: evident, obvious, palpableWith obvious enthusiasm, she talked about her career so far.typical of young people: boyish, childlike, youthfulThose who have met him comment on his engaging warmth and youthful enthusiasm.lasting a long time, or coming back: continued, new-found, renewed, tireless, undiminished, undimmed, unflaggingThe dawn brought with it a renewed enthusiasm and we started to climb again.not lasting: initialMy initial enthusiasm was tempered when I realized the game was going to take place 500 miles away.
Verbs frequently used with enthusiasm
show enthusiasm: communicate, convey, demonstrate, display, express, exude, showBoth schools expressed great enthusiasm for putting on a shared drama production.feel enthusiasm: be full of, experience, feel, have, shareIt is lovely to get amongst the children and share their enthusiasm about books.create enthusiasm: arouse, engender, fire, foster, generate, kindle, rekindle, renew, sparkThe whole experience rekindled my enthusiasm for music in a major way.lessen someone’s enthusiasm: curb, dampen, temperThe rain poured down but could do nothing to dampen our enthusiasm.direct enthusiasm to a purpose: capture, channel, harnessIf you could harness this enthusiasm, what changes could be brought about!try to feel enthusiasm: muster, summonI’m afraid I could muster very little enthusiasm for the play.lose/not lose your enthusiasm: lose, maintain, retainWe came home from holiday early, having lost all enthusiasm.be affected by someone’s enthusiasm: be delighted by, be encouraged by, be impressed by, be infected by, be overwhelmed byWe are constantly encouraged by the enthusiasm of young people for our project.
Verbs that frequently follow enthusiasm
become less: dwindle, waneI have done this job for seven years and my enthusiasm is waning.affect others: inspire, rub off onHarry is such a positive character that his enthusiasm rubs off on everyone.
Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with enthusiasm
determination or energy: commitment, confidence, dedication, determination, drive, energy, excitement, motivation, optimism, passion, verve, vigour, warmth, willingnessWe look for candidates with enthusiasm and commitment.skill, knowledge or ability: creativity, expertise, flair, knowledge, professionalism, skill, talentHe praised the professionalism and enthusiasm of his team.interest or enjoyment: enjoyment, interestThe enthusiasm and enjoyment shown by all the youngsters on the course was inspiring.
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