entry collocations and examples

 UK /ˈentri/

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the act of going into a place; the right to enter a place

Adjectives frequently used with entry
free: freeThe London Pass gives you free entry to over 60 favourite attractions.without permission: forced, forcible, illegal, unauthorizedThe entrance should normally be kept locked to prevent unauthorized entry.
Verbs frequently used with entry
manage to enter: force, gainIf we cannot establish your whereabouts we will contact the Police who will force entry into your home.Refugees have made perilous trips to gain entry to the United Kingdom.refuse to allow someone to enter: deny someone, refuse someone, restrictAnyone found to be under the minimum age will be refused entry.allow someone to enter: allow, facilitate, permitThe joint ticket allows entry to both museums for a full year.

the process of becoming involved in or part of something

Verbs frequently used with entry
try to enter: apply for, seekHe has some advice for those seeking entry into the acting profession.delay entering: defer, delayWe welcome applications from students who wish to defer entry to their chosen course for one year.
Nouns frequently used after entry
qualifications: criteria, qualifications, requirementsWe can tell you more about the content of courses and the entry requirements.form: formIf you would like to take part then please complete and return the entry form below.method: point, routeThe project aims to provide an entry route to undergraduate study for students with non-standard qualifications .
Nouns frequently used after entry into
work or area of work: employment, field, industry, politics, profession, service, worldThere are no standard qualifications that guarantee entry into the media industry.This was the work that marked her entry into the literary world.education: higher education, school, universityThe number of applicants for entry into higher education rose.market: market, marketplaceFollowing our entry into this market in January, we now serve 890,000 retail energy customers.war: warThe USA’s entry into the war signalled the arrival on the world stage of a new great power.
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