environment collocations and examples

 UK /ɪnˈvaɪrənmənt/

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the natural world

Adjectives frequently used with environment
natural: global, natural, physicalIt’s madness that the destruction of the natural environment continues unhindered.of a particular type: aquatic, coastal, desert, marine, rainforestEvery country has an interest in the sustainable management of the marine environment.
Verbs frequently used with environment
protect the environment: conserve, preserve, protect, safeguardWe need to develop the land in a responsible way which protects the environment .harm the environment: affect, damage, degrade, destroy, harm, polluteIn most cases waste products are burned, polluting the environment.

the place and conditions in which people live and work, or things exist

Adjectives frequently used with environment
in which a particular activity takes place: business, learning, living, manufacturing, trading, work, workingEvery organisation must undertake an assessment of fire risks in order to maintain a safe working environment.natural: naturalThis wil give you the opportunity to see animals in their natural environment.in a particular place: classroom, office, workplaceChildren have many important learning experiences outside a classroom environment.across the whole world: globalThese changes will affect the global business environment.in a town/the country: rural, urbanMost new houses will be built in what is essentially a rural environment.safe or stable: controlled, safe, secure, smoke-free, stableIt is essential that an adopted child be placed in a secure environment.friendly or pleasant: caring, conducive, friendly, non-threatening, nurturing, pleasant, relaxed, supportiveTry and create a conducive working enviroment for your staff.Trainees will work in a supportive environment that encourages open-mindedness and co-operation.not easy to live in: harsh, hostile, inhospitableThey are researching the creation of GM crops that can withstand harsh environments.suitable for: conducive toGenerally our aim is to provide a learning enviroment that is conducive to discovery and discussion.exciting or stressful: challenging, changing, competitive, dynamic, fast-paced, pressurized, stimulatingIn an increasingly competitive business environment, companies want fast results.physical: external, physicalThe child’s circumstances will be assessed, including the physical environment in which they are being brought up.
Verbs frequently used with environment
create an environment: build, create, provideWe have used technology to create a unique learning environment.improve an environment: enhance, improveOur responsibility is to maintain and improve the environment in which members of the university study, work and live.
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