epidemic collocations and examples

 UK /ˌepɪˈdemɪk/

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a situation in which a disease quickly infects many people

Adjectives frequently used with epidemic
across a large area: global, widespread, worldwideWe are concerned with raising awareness of the global HIV/AIDS epidemic.serious: deadly, devastating, disastrous, major, serious, severeAt that time, plague and other devastating epidemics were a constant threat.not talked about: hidden, silentHepatitis C has been called the silent epidemic because people are not aware of the problem.
Nouns frequently used before epidemic
of a particular disease: cholera, flu, smallpox etcHe died in the typhus epidemic that was raging at the time.of other harmful things: crime, drug, obesity, smoking, tobaccoAmerica and Europe face an obesity epiemic which will shorten the lives of today’s children.
Verbs frequently used with epidemic
fight an epidemic: address, combat, control, cope with, curb, deal with, eradicate, fight, halt, prevent, stop, tackleWe need a sustained programme to try to combat the epidemic of binge drinking.cause an epidemic: cause, drive, fuel, prolongPoverty and poor living conditions are fuelling the epidemic.experience an epidemic: be affected by, be hit by, be in the grip of, experience, face, have, sufferThe area is suffering a measles epidemic.
Verbs that frequently follow epidemic
start: begin, break out, occurThe disease is very widespread in South East Asia, with epidemics breaking out every few years.continue: continue, rage, spread, worsenAt this time a smallpox epidemic was raging in the town.affect a place: affect something, devastate something, hit (something), ravage something, strike (something), sweep (through) somethingInfluenza epidemics sweep the world every year killing the very young and the very old.
Nouns frequently used after epidemic of
disease: disease, cholera, flu, smallpox etcVaccines prevent epidemics of diseases such as measles and smallpox.other harmful things: obesity, suicideThe World Health Organisation identified the epidemic of obesity as one of the world’s most serious health problems.
Nouns + of frequently used before epidemic
start: beginning, onset, outbreak, startThe onset of cholera epidemics after 1831 added another killer disease to the world.spread: extent, impact, spreadThese measures were effective in stopping the spread of the epidemic.highest point: peakEven at the peak of the epidemic, influenza accounted for only four per cent of all deaths.
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