equip collocations and examples

 UK /ɪˈkwɪp/

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to provide a person or place with things they need

Adverbs frequently used with equip
well: adequately, beautifully, comfortably, comprehensively, excellently, extensively, fully, generously, lavishly, luxuriously, properly, superbly, thoroughly, wellThe kitchen is fully equipped with cooker, fridge, microwave, etc.badly: badly, ill, poorlyTheir fire crews were unskilled, untrained and badly equipped.We were ill-equipped to deal with the challenges that lay ahead.for a particular purpose: appropriately, specially, suitably, uniquelyThe instrument is uniquely equipped to pick up heart, lung and other body sounds.

Usage note

Equip is usually passive in all of the adv+V combinations shown above: The fitness centre is superbly equipped.They can capture video evidence in specially equipped vans.

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