escalate collocations and examples

 UK /ˈeskəleɪt/

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to increase or become worse

Adverbs frequently used with escalate
quickly or very much: dramatically, hugely, massively, quickly, rapidly, sharply, significantlyThe level of traffic could escalate very rapidly.gradually: gradually, slowly, steadilyFor many people, occasional drug use will gradually escalate into a worrying way: alarmingly, dangerouslyIf such problems are not considered, costs can escalate alarmingly.
Nouns frequently used as the subject of escalate
violence or conflict: conflict, confrontation, dispute, fighting, protests, row, tension, trouble, unrest, violence, warThe violence escalated rapidly as police began firing tear gas and charging the march.problem: crisis, incident, problem, situationEarly recognition and intervention will help to prevent problems escalating.amount of money: cost, debt, priceWith fuel prices escalating, transport represents a substantial cost.

Usage note

Escalate is very often used as a present participle adjective in all of the n+V combinations shown above: Many people have been displaced as a result of the escalating conflict.There is concern about escalating oil prices.

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