essential collocations and examples

 UK /ɪˈsenʃ(ə)l/

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necessary and basic

Adverbs frequently used with essential
absolutely: absolutely, really, so, truly, utterlyThe computer is absolutely essential to our mode of working.almost: almost, pretty informal, usually, virtuallyA car is almost essential for getting around the island.obviously: clearly, obviouslyIt is obviously essential that you include an email address.
Nouns frequently used with essential
part or aspect: aspect, attribute, characteristic, component, element, feature, ingredient, part, roleWe asked him to identify the essential components of a great online business.skill: skillThe course is for students who need to develop essential skills before moving on to the next level.tool: companion, equipment, guide, information, toolIt is the one reference tool that is essential for everyone in the writing industry.something you must read, see, buy etc: item, listening, purchase, reading, viewingNeedless to say this book should be considered essential reading.condition: criteria, precondition, prerequisite, requirementGood literacy and numeracy skills are an essential requirement.nutrients: fats, mineral, nutrient, vitaminThese foods fill children up but do not provide the essential nutrients they need for healthy development.
Verbs frequently used with essential
be, become, consider something, deem something, prove, regard something as, remain, seemCharging for road use will become essential as the number of vehicles on the roads grows.In this profession it is deemed essential to work very long hours if you want to be successful.
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