etiquette collocations and examples

 UK /ˈetɪket/

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a set of rules for correct social behaviour

Adjectives frequently used with etiquette
good: correct, good, properWhatever amount you give as a tip, the proper etiquette is to do it subtly.bad: bad, poorShouting unnecessarily is considered bad etiquette and may spoil other golfers’ concentration and enjoyment.types of situation: professional, socialProfessional etiquette dictates that these teachers remain anonymous.
Nouns frequently used before etiquette
business, court, email, forum, golf, weddingIf you want to post a message, please observe the forum etiquette.We can also advise on all aspects of wedding etiquette and traditions.
Verbs frequently used with etiquette
follow, observeWe kindly ask all our particpants to follow our on-site etiquette to ensure a smooth-flowing and pleasant event.
Verbs that frequently follow etiquette
demand, dictate, requireAt dance events like this, etiquette dictates that a lady will never decline an invitation to dance.
Nouns + of frequently used before etiquette
point, ruleThere are a few points of etiquette associated with this game.

Usage note

If someone breaks a rule about correct behaviour, you can call their bad behaviour a breach of etiquette: It was considered a breach of etiquette for players at the lower end of the social order to win the game.

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