evaluate collocations and examples

 UK /ɪˈvæljueɪt/

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to think carefully about something in order to make a judgment or decision about it

Adverbs frequently used with evaluate
in a careful, organized, or scientific way: carefully, critically, empirically, formally, fully, properly, rigorously, scientifically, systematically, thoroughlyStudents need to reflect on and critically evaluate their own work.in a fair or independent way: independently, objectivelyThe trial is now being evaluated indepently by the Institute of Human Ageing at Liverpool University.in relation to numbers or amounts: numerically, quantitativelyThese schemes will be quantitatively evaluated regarding, for example, effect, costs, maintenance, and visual impact.all the time: constantly, continually, regularlyWe are constantly evaluating and updating our IT training courses and would like to hear from you.
Nouns frequently used as the object of evaluate
how good, useful or successful something is: adequacy, appropriateness, effectiveness, efficacy, performance, progress, quality, success, suitability, use, usefulnessExperienced mentors evaluate the teaching performance of trainees.the effect or importance of something: effect, impact, significanceYou must evaluate the impact of these resources on student learning.the result of something: outcome, resultThe agent evaluates the likely outcome of pursuing each possible course of action.whether something can be done or used: feasibilityAn experimental study is planned to evaluate the feasibility of these techniques.what has been written, said, or done: argument, evidence, information, research, workThe task is to analyse and avaulate the evidence and then draw and justify conclusions.suggestion for doing something, or way of doing something: approach, method, option, policy, proposalWe need to understand and critically evaluate the data-analysis methods that are proposed.risk: riskThese are quick and cost-effective procedures for evaluating the risks and costs involved in implementing new systems.
Nouns frequently used as the subject of evaluate
project or document: paper, project, report, study, trialThe report evaluates the key broadcasting technology developments that are taking place.person or group: expert, panel, participant, researcher, student, teacher, teamThe proposals were evaluated by an independent panel.
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