evaluation collocations and examples

 UK /ɪˌvæljuˈeɪʃ(ə)n/

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the process of making a judgment or decision about something

Adjectives frequently used with evaluation
careful: careful, critical, detailed, formal, rigorous, systematic, thoroughAll pesticides are subject to rigorous scientific evaluation before approval for use is given.fair or independent: external, independent, objectiveThere was no formal, objective evaluation of the assignments.comparing things: comparativeThe institute also carries out comparative product evaluations that facilitate selection of the best products.looking at cost: economicWe are undertaking technical and economic evaulations of a number of novel technologies.early: initial, preliminaryThe initial evaluation revealed the potential usefulness of this technique.
Nouns frequently used before evaluation
something that is being judged: job, performanceEmployees’ salary was linked to the results of job evaluation.someone who is judging people or things: peerWorkers don’t talk talk to each other, and there is little quality control through peer evaluation.
Verbs frequently used with evaluation
make an evaluation: carry out, complete, conduct, perform, provide, undertakeThe college will conduct a long-term evaluation of how students have developed their careers.

Usage note

If something is being considered and judged, you can say that it is under evaluation: The project under evaluation aims to study ways of making contact more accessible for these groups.

need evaluation: requirebe the subject of an evalutation: undergoThe service has undergone a three-month evaluation.

Verbs that frequently follow evaluation
conclude, confirm, demonstrate, find, highlight, indicate, reveal, show, suggestEvaluation has shown positive outcomes for the children.
Nouns frequently used after evaluation
process: exercise, procedure, process, studyDeveloping a rigorous evaluation process was not an easy task.method: method, methodology, strategy, technique, toolExplain your evaluation methodology, and explain how the necessary data was collected.document: form, questionnaire, report, sheet, summaryWe would be grateful if you could complete this evaluation form to help us in planning future events.points to consider: criteriaExamples of additional evaluation criteria can be found below.
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