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 UK /ɪˈvent/

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something that happens

Adjectives frequently used with event
bad: adverse, cataclysmic, catastrophic, tragic, traumaticThe patient should avoid situations that remind him of the traumatic event.important: great, historic, important, major, momentous, significantThis is the first trial on a charge of genocide in history, which is a momentous event in international law.happening now/recently/in the past/in the future: current, future, historical, past, recentMost historical events fade from memory with the passage of time.happening afterwards: subsequentThey changed their mind about the policy in the light of subsequent events.
Verbs frequently used with event
see an event: witnessThe world of sport witnessed many important events this year.record or describe an event: depict, describe, record, recountThis ancient document does not record events chronologically.remember or celebrate an event: celebrate, commemorate, mark, recall, rememberThe festival commemorated significant events in the history of the town.
Verbs that frequently follow event
happen: happen, occur, take place, transpire, unfoldIt may be that a particular event occurred that damaged profits for that year.cause something: lead to, lead up to, triggerThe article examines all the events leading up to the outbreak of war.

Usage note

When you are talking about events connected with something, you can use surrounding: Police questioned witnesses about the events surrounding his death.

Nouns + of frequently used before event
chain, course, sequence, seriesHe felt that he himself had set in motion the chain of events that killed her.She was one of those people who, in the normal course of events, look to other people to make decisions.

Usage note

If you are talking about something happening in the future, you can use the expression in the event that: In the unlikely event that your receipt is lost or stolen, your full card number would not be revealed.


an organized occasion such as a party or sports competition

Verbs frequently used with event
arrange, attend, host, organize, plan, promote, publicize, run, sponsor, stageThe museum will continue to host many special events throughout the year.
Verbs that frequently follow event
take placeThe hour-long event takes place at the Town Hall on 23 March.
Nouns + of frequently used before event
programme, range, series, varietyThere will be a programme of events, such as workshops, masterclasses and seminars
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