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 UK /ɪɡˈzɑːmp(ə)l/

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something that you mention to help explain what you are talking about

Adjectives frequently used with example
very good or clear: classic, clear, excellent, fine, good, obvious, perfect, prime, typicalPeru provides a prime example of how hurricane forecasts can be valuable.unusual or interesting: notable, outstanding, strikingThe free exchange of data is an outstanding example of international cooperation.not good: bad, glaringThis is another glaring example of the company’s inefficiency.common/rare: common, rareCommon examples are fear of snakes, birds, or insects.
Verbs frequently used with example
cite, give, highlight, provide, quoteTo cite a popular example, Europe has 73 air-traffic control centres, whereas the USA has only 20 to manage twice as many flights.
Verbs that frequently follow example
assume, demonstrate, illustrate, indicate, point to, refer to, show, suggestThe above example assumes that each task will be done by a separate person.Here is an example showing the sequence of things to be done.

a person or way of behaving that is considered as a model that other people should copy

Adjectives frequently used with example
good: excellent, fine, good, shiningJohn is a shining example of how to take control of one’s own career.bad: bad, poorThey accused her of setting a bad example to the rest of the staff.

Usage note

If you think someone’s good behaviour deserves to be copied, you can say that it is an example to someone: Turkey is a shining example to the world of the virtues of cultural diversity.

Verbs frequently used with example
give or be an example for others to copy: be, setShe has a very good subject knowledge and sets an excellent example in her own teaching.follow someone’s good example: follow, imitateThe Welsh body is encouraging more environmental organisations to follow its example.

Usage note

If people show others how to behave by behaving well themselves, you can say that they lead by example, or that others learn by example: The captain has led the team by example and is definitely the player to watch for next season.

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