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 UK /ˈeksələnt/

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extremely good

Adverbs frequently used with excellent
very: absolutely informal, quite, really, simply, trulyNot everything was good, but much of the work was truly excellent.rather: ratherThis new album, far from being a disappointment, is really rather excellent.mostly or usually: generally, mostly, usuallyThe quality of the food is generally excellent and beats comparison with that in more expensive restaurants.when everything or everyone is excellent: uniformlyThe performances of the cast are uniformly excellent.all the time: consistentlyThis is one of the most consistently excellent small hotels in Scotland.in a particular way: academically, musically, technicallyThis was technically excellent playing of a beautiful piece of music.
Verbs frequently used with excellent
be, judge someone/something, look, prove, soundMuch of the teaching was judged excellent by the school inspectors.The new system has proved excellent at solving many of our problems.
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