exception collocations and examples

 UK /ɪkˈsepʃ(ə)n/

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something that is not included in a general statement

Adjectives frequently used with exception
single: only, soleI also understand that, with the sole exception of training days, my work will be done in this office.obvious: clear, conspicuous, glaring, notable, obviousWith a few notable exceptions, historians know very little about the festivals in this period.existing in a few cases: few, occasional, odd, rareAt the start of every day – with the odd exception, because of my travelling – I read a few pages of the Bible.important: important, majorThis is an important exception to the general rule.not important or bad: minorOne pleasant surprise was that biting insects were virtually absent throughout our stay (with one or two minor exceptions).possible: possibleHouse prices have fallen in every region, with the possible exception of London.limited to one case: specificThere are specific exceptions to these conditions for those people working with children.much better than all others: honourableThe performances were, with a few honourable exceptions, rather dull.

Usage note

If you allow something for a particular person, for a special reason, you can say that you are making an exception for them: The committee cannot make an exception in Lara’s case, just because he is famous.If you want to emphasize that there are no exceptions to a statement, you can use the phrase without exception: Over the years our students, without exception, have really enjoyed the experience.

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