exemption collocations and examples

 UK /ɪɡˈzempʃ(ə)n/

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permission to ignore a rule, obligation, or payment

Verbs frequently used with exemption
give someone an exemption: allow, give (someone), grant (someone), permit, provideWashington finally granted a special exemption on exports to Britain.have the right to an exemption: be eligible for, be entitled to, qualify forFamilies with young children qualify for an exemption from the tax.get an exemption: gain, obtainNote: if you already have a degree in a suitable subject, you may gain exemption from one or more years of study based on your previous qualifications.try to get an exemption: apply for, claim, seekWe are horrified that the churches are seeking exemptions from European law.complete: absolute, full, unconditionalThe degree provides full exemption from the professional examinations of the Law Society.not complete: conditional, limited, partialCertain people will be eligible for full or partial exemption from the tax.
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