exhaustive collocations and examples

 UK /ɪɡˈzɔːstɪv/

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thorough or complete

Adverbs frequently used with exhaustive
not at all, or not very: by no means, hardly, neitherThis book is by no means exhaustive, but it provides a very informative overview of the Russian Revolution.The coverage is neither exhaustive nor uniform; there is a bias towards the history of statistics.
Nouns frequently used with exhaustive
document: bibliography, catalogue, checklist, documentation, guide, list, listingThis is not intended to be an exhaustive list.actions or words: account, analysis, description, examination, inquiry, investigation, notes, research, review, search, study, survey, testingThis information was gained after an exhaustive inquiry by the Dutch government.Dr O’Brien made an exhaustive study of the topic for his new book.
Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with exhaustive
complete, comprehensive, definitive, detailed, exclusive, long, thoroughThis document outlines the duties required of the post holder but is not a comprehensive or exhaustive list.This isn’t intended to be an exhaustive or definitive guide; if in doubt, consult a specialist.
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