extent collocations and examples

 UK /ɪkˈstent/

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the size and importance of a problem or situation

Adjectives frequently used with extent
actual, exact, full, precise, trueThe true extent of the computer virus threat is unknown because most infections are not reported to some central body.

Usage note

You can use the phrase to a ... extent to indicate how true a particular statement is: The complaints were to a large extent valid. |To a certain extent I was relieved.

Verbs frequently used with extent
measure extent: ascertain, assess, determine, establish, estimate, examine, explore, gauge, investigate, measureThe research aimed to assess the extent of atmospheric damage by aircraft.show extent: demonstrate, indicate, reveal, showA hospital examination revealed the extent of the problem and an emergency operation was scheduled.limit extent: limitThe overriding aim, then, was to limit the extent of any war.think extent is less than it really is: underestimateThese figures underestimated the true extent of mental illness amongst young people in prison.think extent is greater than it really is: overestimate, overstateIt is impossible to overestimate the extent to which language difficulties can influence learning outcomes.
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