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 UK /feɪs/

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the front part of the head; the expression on someone’s face

Adjectives frequently used with face
looking pale: ashen, pale, pallid, sallow, whiteShe looked anything but healthy with her pale face and deep-set eyes.describing the shape of a face: chubby, heart-shaped, oval, round, thinHe had a thin face and hollow cheeks.describing the expression on a face: beaming, blank, contorted, expressionless, expressive, impassive, smilingHer face was contorted with anger.He raised his head to see more, and saw the smiling face of Tom.with lines: lined, wrinkledThis woman is evidently old, which can be read from her hunched posture and wrinkled face.attractive: handsome, prettyShe was a small girl with wiry black hair and a pretty face.looking tired or ill: haggard, pinchedA pale and haggard face looked back at me.with freckles: freckledAmy had a sweet freckled face and looked too young to be consumed by such grief.with a beard: beardedI can picture his bearded face from the newspaper.red: flushed, redHer face was red and blotchy with tears.

Usage note

When you want to emphasize the fact that someone looks young and healthy, you can use the expression fresh-faced: This is a photo of me when I was a fresh-faced boy.

Verbs that frequently follow face
become red: flush, reddenHer face flushed at the slight awkwardness of the meeting.look more cheerful: brighten, light upI put the rod in his hand and when he caught a fish his face lit up.look serious: darkenHe looked down at the body and his face darkened.

the way something looks or appears

Adjectives frequently used with face
changing, publicThe film examined the changing face of Britain’s towns and cities over the past fifty years.The article discusses both the public face and the behind-the-scenes acitvities of the company.
Verbs frequently used with face
changeIn the 1950s there was one musician who helped change the face of the British music.
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