facility collocations and examples

 UK /fəˈsɪləti/

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a room, equipment etc provided for people to use

Adjectives frequently used with facility
good: excellent, good, superb, world-classThe call centre has excellent facilities such as free parking and staff canteen.modern: modern, state-of-the-artThe school has state-of-the-art sports facilities.built for a particular purpose: purpose-builtThe modern purpose-built facility offers a range of storage solutions.shared with other people: communal, sharedOther communal facilities include indoor and outdoor swimming pools and green areas.for disabled people: disabledWhat disabled facilities are there?inside/outside: indoor, outdoorHotel guests can take advantage of our excellent indoor leisure facilities.types of facility: medical, recreationalAre there medical facilities on campus?many: extensiveThere are extensive facilities already available in the main building.
Nouns frequently used before facility
for sport and leisure: leisure, recreation, sportingThe Moorland Hotel has an excellent choice of leisure facilities, including an all-weather tennis court and golf course.for cooking or providing food: catering, cooking, kitchenFull catering facilities are available for lunch and general refreshments.other types of facility: baby-changing, childcare, conference, parking, recycling, shopping, toiletA national park substation and toilet facilities are provided at the mountain summit.
Verbs frequently used with facility
have facilities: boast, have, offer, provideThe city boasts many excellent facilities for sport.The factory has excellent facilities.use facilities: make use of, useStudents are free to use any of the facilities on campus.improve facilities: improve, refurbish, upgradeWe have an ongoing programme to upgrade our facilities.
Verbs that frequently follow facility
be on offer, cater for, include, offer, provideOur conference facilities cater for up to 40 delegates.
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