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 UK /fækt/

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a piece of true information

Adjectives frequently used with fact
impossible to argue with: hard, incontrovertible, indisputable, inescapable, irrefutable, proven, relevant, true, undeniable, undisputedThis sound investment is backed up by hard facts.This is an undeniable fact which no-one is disputing.basic: bare, basicThese are the bare facts of the case in question, and further details will be found in the evidence.that people may not like: plain, simpleIt is a plain fact that ageing increases the likelihood of developing cancer.describing how well-known a fact is: known, little-known, well-knownIt is a little-known fact that he was a successful footballer in his youth.important: important, keyThe key facts of the case are as follows.interesting or surprising: amazing, astonishing, fascinating, interesting, remarkable, shocking, startling, striking, surprisingThe book contains some fascinating facts.The article reveals some startling facts about the history of theme parks.worrying: alarming, disturbing, worryingIt is a disturbing fact that the UK is top of the list for asthma sufferers.types of fact: empirical, historical, scientificA closer study of historical facts shows that this accusation is ill-founded.
Verbs frequently used with fact
ignore a fact: ignore, overlookIt is quite unrealistic now to ignore these facts.hide a fact: conceal, hide, obscureIn the House of Lords, one of the older peers was asleep, with no attempt to hide this fact.say that a fact is not true: deny, disputeIt would be hard to dispute the fact that we live in an increasingly stressful world.state a fact: stateI’m simply stating the facts.tell someone a fact that was not known before: disclose, revealThe origin of a street name often reveals unsuspected facts about the history of the area.find out a fact: discover, establish, uncoverWe need to establish the facts behind the killings.know a fact: knowA number of facts are known with certainty.accept a fact: accept, acknowledge, recognizeWe need to acknowledge the fact that this plan would involve extra costs.think about facts: considerYou need to consider the facts before making a decision.
Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with fact
fiction, figuresIt was a documentary-style programme that mixed fact and fiction.All the facts and figures are then compiled into reports.
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