failure collocations and examples

 UK /ˈfeɪljə(r)/

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lack of success; someone or something that is not successful

Adjectives frequently used with failure
complete or very bad: catastrophic, complete, dismal, miserable, total, utterThe policy has been a dismal failure.Yet another blow to the movement came from the utter failure of mass migration in the year 1920.over a period of time: persistent, repeatedRegrettably, under the current Government it has all too often been a story of repeated failure.
Verbs frequently used with failure
result in failure: end in, result in20 out of 36 missions to Mars have ended in failure.admit failure: admitIn trying to find something about the production to criticise, I have to admit or call someone or something a failure: be, deem someone/something, proveSociety has deemed these children failures, before they even leave school.The appeal for volunteers to help with the work proved a failure.seem certain to result in failure: be doomed toThe health service is doomed to failure without radical changes in funding and approach.
Nouns frequently used after failure
rateEfficacy was high, with a failure rate of only 0.7 per cent.

when someone does not do something that they are expected to do

Adjectives frequently used with failure
persistent, repeated, systematicThe report was highly critical of the repeated failure of the police to ensure continuity in local policing.
Nouns frequently used before failure
government, managementLegal action may be successful if it can be shown that management failures were a cause of the death concerned.
Verbs frequently used with failure
admit failure: acknowledge, admitThe Home Office has admitted a failure to protect him whilst he worked at the prison.give good reasons for failure: excuse, explain, justifyThis does not excuse the failure to adopt adequate strategies for the care of these patients.

a situation where something stops working correctly

Adjectives frequently used with failure
relating to a body part: cardiac, renal, respiratoryPatients with suspected renal failure are referred for renal investigation.relating to a machine: mechanical, structuralThis is a much better design as it is less prone to mechanical failure.having a very bad result: catastrophicThe engines suffered catastrophic failures.
Nouns frequently used before failure
body part: heart, kidney, liver, organKidney failure, if it occurs leads to an almost 100 per cent mortality or system: brake, engine, equipment, hardware, software, systemOne would think the only reason an airplane could crash was engine failure.power: powerThe power failure was blamed on a fault between the railway lines and the national grid.
Verbs frequently used with failure
experience, sufferRubens suffered an engine failure just 18 laps into the race.
Verbs that frequently follow failure
occurSubsequent examination indicated that mechanical failure had occurred.
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