faint collocations and examples

 UK /feɪnt/

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slight and not strong or clear

Nouns frequently used with faint
smell: smell, whiffI noticed a faint smell of smoke.light: glimmer, glow, lightAlder could just make out a faint glow, which he hoped was lamplight.sound: cry, echo, hum, sound, voice, whisperA faint sound reached my ears from the veranda outside.expression: smileShe looked at me with suspicion; then a faint smile crossed her face.hope: hopeHe entered the competition in the faint hope of winning.amount: hint, trace“You look lovely,” he said with a faint hint of sarcasm.
Verbs frequently used with faint
become, growI heard the sound of footsteps grow faint in the distance and die away.
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