faith collocations and examples

 UK /feɪθ/

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strong belief or trust in someone or something

Adjectives frequently used with faith
strong: great, implicit, strong, unshakeableWe have great faith in the players that are at the club at the moment.not questioned: blindHe had blind faith in the homeopath who had eliminated his eczema.real: genuine, realI was amazed – here was a woman who I didn’t know showing genuine faith in me.
Verbs frequently used with faith
have faith: have, place, putI have a lot of faith in him and know he won’t let me down.People put their faith in the wonder-drugs such as penicillin and cortisone.weaken faith: destroy, shake, underminePoor care, even for short periods, can seriously undermine faith in community services.lose faith: loseHow am I going to get out of this situation without them losing faith in me?make faith strong again: restoreThe person who returned my stolen purse has restored my faith in human nature.
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