fame collocations and examples

 UK /feɪm/

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the state of being famous

Adjectives frequently used with fame
where someone is famous: international, national, worldwideKnock is only a small town, but it gained international fame when an apparition of the Virgin Mary turned it into a place of pilgrimage.a lot of fame: considerable, greatThis performance earned him great fame.coming immediately: instantThis is the age of reality TV when kids want instant fame.coming recently: new-foundHe new-found fame was difficult to deal with at first.continuing for a long time: enduring, lastingOwen achieved lasting fame with his war poetry.
Verbs frequently used with fame
achieve fame: achieve, earn, enjoy, find, gain, winSome people will do anything to achieve fame and celebrity.

Usage note

If you want to talk about what the reason why someone has achieved fame, you can use the phrase claim to fame: Perhaps his best claim to fame was as the writer of the soul classic ‘Go Now’ in 1964.

achieve fame quickly: rise to, shoot toThe actress shot to fame after appearing in several cult classics.try to be famous: seekHe was just sixteen when he travelled to London to seek fame as an actor.bring someone fame: bring someoneHer Oscar-winning performance in the film ‘A Love Story’ brought her international fame.

Verbs that frequently follow fame
grow, rest on, spreadHis fame rests on his reputation as a poet and landscape gardener.
Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with fame
celebrity, fortune, money, notoriety, wealthHe dreams that his proposed children’s book will bring him fame and fortune.
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