familiar collocations and examples

 UK /fəˈmɪliə(r)/

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known to you, or recognized by you; common or happening often

Adverbs frequently used with familiar
very: extremely, veryShe mentioned names which were all very familiar to me.a little: fairly, pretty informal, quite, reasonably, vaguelySome of the stories will be vaguely familiar to you, and some may seem slightly strange.in a strange way: eerily, oddly, strangelyThe voice was squeaky and oddly familiar.in a pleasant way: reassuringlyIt looks subtly different yet reassuringly familiar.immediately: immediately, instantlyEmmental, with its huge marble-sized holes, is now an instantly familiar cheese around the world.in a bad way: all too, depressingly, horriblyWe have the all too familiar situation where the evidence is made to fit the theory rather than the other way around.We were greeted with the depressingly familiar sight of no coffee and no food.
Nouns frequently used with familiar
person: face, figureLooking around the room and seeing so many familiar faces I felt suddenly at home.place: environment, landmark, surroundings, territoryYour recovery will be faster in familiar surroundings with the support of your family and friends.sound: song, sound, tune, voiceI listen to these old, familiar songs and find myself floating back in time to my youth.something you see: scene, sightThe distinctive yellow and black signs for special events remain a familiar sight at the roadside.
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