famine collocations and examples

 UK /ˈfæmɪn/

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lack of food causing many people to be ill or die

Adjectives frequently used with famine
devastating, great, severe, terribleTwenty years ago much of the country was gripped by a terrible famine.
Verbs frequently used with famine
suffer a famine: face, sufferIt is estimated that nearly 13 million people in the region will face famine in the coming months.lessen the effect of a famine: relieveMillions of pounds were raised to help relieve famine worldwide.
Verbs that frequently follow famine
hit, occur, strike, threatenThe pandemic will amplify the impact of the famine which is threatening the southern areas of the country.
Nouns frequently used after famine
relief, victimGenerous Americans give over one million items of unwanted clothing to the famine relief effort.
Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with famine
disease, drought, warAs drought and famine continue to plague the country, the average life expectancy has dropped to 46 years.
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