fantasy collocations and examples

 UK /ˈfæntəsi/

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an experience that you imagine happening to you; a state or situation that is not real

Adjectives frequently used with fantasy
sexual or romantic: erotic, romantic, sexualShe contrasts the woman’s romantic fantasies with the reality of motherhood.strange: wildYou couldn’t imagine such a thing even in your wildest fantasies.complete: complete, pure, sheerThis story is pure fantasy. There’s no truth in it at all.
Nouns frequently used before fantasy
childhoodI guess that childhood fantasies stay pretty strong.
Verbs frequently used with fantasy
have a fantasy: haveI have a fantasy I might have held down a sensible job and been very rich.make a fantasy happen: fulfil, indulge, liveYou may even fancy fulfilling your childhood fantasy of being a Princess for the day.In this movie three young girls get to live their fantasies.
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