fate collocations and examples

 UK /feɪt/

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the things that happen to someone

Adjectives frequently used with fate
unpleasant: awful, cruel, dreadful, grisly, horrible, ignominious, miserable, terrible, unhappyHuge shipments of food aid were needed to save the population from a terrible fate.sad: sad, tragicThe young soldier suffers a tragic fate in horrifying circumstances.final: eventual, final, ultimateMystery surrounds the ultimate fate of William Lees.
Verbs frequently used with fate
control what someone’s fate will be: decide, determine, dictate, sealA major defeat in Normandy sealed King John’s fate.experience a fate: experience, have, meet, suffer, undergoOther species of seabirds on the island suffered a similar fate.avoid a fate: avoid, be spared, escapeBorn in Berlin, he died on the Spanish border while trying to escape the fate that awaited most of his fellow Central European Jews.share a fate: shareMany others deserted, fearing that they would share the fate of their comrades.have to deal with a fate: faceMost are either killed or face an even worse fate.accept a fate: accept, resign yourself toTo her credit she accepted her fate with great humour.
Verbs that frequently follow fate
happen to or be waiting for someone or something: await, befall, lie in store forThe same fate befell most of the competitors.not be decided: be uncertain, hang in the balanceDespite intense negotiations, the company’s fate is still hanging in the balance.depend on someone or something: be in the hands of, depend onThe fate of the area’s wildlife depends on the town planners.

the power that some people believe controls everything that happens

Adjectives frequently used with fate
cruel, kindFate was kind to me that day.
Verbs frequently used with fate
believe in, temptIt would be tempting fate to say that I’ve got a good chance of getting promoted.
Verbs that frequently follow fate
conspire against, decide, decree, interveneThey must have felt that fate was conspiring against them.
Nouns + of frequently used before fate
quirk, turn, twistBy a cruel twist of fate he ended up as Anne’s stepson.
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