favourite collocations and examples

 UK /ˈfeɪv(ə)rət/

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the person or thing you like the best

Adjectives frequently used with favourite
great: absolute, all-time, big, definite, firm, great, particular, real, specialThe main character has the potential to become a firm favourite with young readers.for a long time: established, long-standing, long-time, old, perennial, traditionalThey played all their old favourites and the crowd loved them.of particular person or group: audience, crowd, family, fan, personal, popularScott enjoyed writing ‘The Antiquary’ more than its predecessors, and it remained his personal favourite among his novels.

the person or animal that is expected to win a race or competition

Adjectives frequently used with favourite
clear: clear, hot, odds-on, overwhelmingThey went into the World Cup as clear favourites for the title.with another person or animal: jointThe two bands are the joint favourites to win the coveted music award next month.
Verbs that frequently follow favourite
be tipped as, emerge as, start asThe film is tipped as a favourite to do well at this year’s Oscars.
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