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 UK /fɪə(r)/

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the feeling of being frightened

Adjectives frequently used with fear
real: genuine, realI lived in real fear of that teacher until I left that school.always present: constant, naggingWhilst Anne was in hiding she kept a diary describing the isolation that they felt and their constant fear of discovery.great: deep, great, intense, mortal, terribleThere is great fear in the community about the level of burglaries, attacks on the elderly, and anti-social behaviour.
Verbs frequently used with fear
feel fear: experience, feel, haveStrange as it all was, I felt no fear.control fear: conquer, overcomeI decided I had to overcome my fear and learn to swim.cause fear: arouse, cause, create, engender, evoke, generate, incite, induce, inspire, instil, provoke, strikeThe outbreak of the French Revolution struck fear into the heart of every ruler in Europe.
Verbs + with frequently used before fear
shake with fear: quake, quiver, shake, shiver, trembleShe was so nervous that she was shaking with fear.be unable to move because of fear: be frozen with, be paralysed by/withAbout halfway down the cliff he became paralysed with fear.feel a lot of fear: be filled with, be gripped by/with, be overcome by, be seized withThe city was gripped by fear and most of the inhabitants had left.

something bad you are afraid might happen [usually plural]

Adjectives frequently used with fear
unreasonable: groundless, irrational, paranoid, unfounded, unjustifiedOf course, all my fears were unfounded.reasonable: justified, legitimate, understandable, well-foundedThese fears are understandable but in many instances misguided.real: genuine, realThere are genuine fears that GM crop production might have an adverse effect on our wildlife.greatest: biggest, deepest, greatest, worstX-rays this morning confirmed our worst fears.
Verbs frequently used with fear
make fears go away or become less strong: allay, alleviate, assuage, banish, calm, dispel, ease, overcome, quell, reduce, sootheI shall be happy to give him a copy of the report, which will doubtless allay those fears.express fears: express, voiceLocal residents expressed fears that the scheme would devalue local properties.cause fears: arouse, cause, prompt, provoke, raise, sparkA powerful earthquake struck near the Indonesian island of Sumatra yesterday, sparking fears of another tsunami.increase fears: heighten, increase, stokeContinued economic uncertainty continues to stoke fears of redundancy amongst UK employees.
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