feat collocations and examples

 UK /fiːt/

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an impressive and difficult act

Adjectives frequently used with feat
difficult or impossible: difficult, impossible, no easy, no mean, no small, trickyTo truly excel, companies need to perform strongly across a range of areas – no mean feat in today’s tough business climate.impressive: amazing, astonishing, extraordinary, great, heroic, impressive, incredible, miraculous, outstanding, prodigious, remarkable, spectacularBrunel’s bridge is still one of the most remarkable feats of engineering in the British Isles.types of feat: acrobatic, architectural, engineering, gymnastic, intellectual, logistical, organizational, physical, technical, technologicalThe dancers will amaze you with their acrobatic feats.
Verbs frequently used with feat
perform a feat: accomplish, achieve, complete, do, manage, performAfter performing many feats of courage, he was killed by Achilles.copy a feat someone else has performed: emulate, matchHe was hoping to emulate the feat of his hero and win three successive titles.
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