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 UK /ˈfiːtʃə(r)/

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an important part or aspect of something

Adjectives frequently used with feature
special: defining, distinctive, distinguishing, identifying, interesting, notable, special, striking, unique, unusualA distinctive feature of the building is its unusual green roof.important: central, dominant, important, key, main, major, prominent, salientA key feature of such initiatives is the focus on previously neglected groups such as women.usual or essential: basic, crucial, essential, standardAir conditioning is a standard feature across our cars.useful: handy, nifty informal, usefulThis is a very useful feature, which allows you unlimited email access.that stops something from being completely bad: redeemingShe considered him to be a horrible man, with few, if any, redeeming features.types of feature: archaeological, architectural, geological, physical, structural, topographicalThese are the only architectural features to survive the restoration.
Nouns frequently used before feature
design, multimedia, navigation, safety, search, securityIt boasts a range of safety features to ensure maximum protection for driver and passengers.
Verbs frequently used with feature
boast, contain, have, include, incorporate, offer, possessIt incorporates several new features specifically designed for the American market.
Verbs that frequently follow feature
characterize, distinguishTo summarize, the following features charaterize information retrieval systems.

a part of your face such as your eyes or mouth

Adjectives frequently used with feature
attractive, chiselled, distinctive, nice, prominent, regular, striking, strongHe is a young man of medium height , with regular features, blond hair, and blue eyes.
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