festival collocations and examples

 UK /ˈfestɪv(ə)l/

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a series of performances or events held somewhere each year

Adjectives frequently used with festival
happening at particular intervals: annual, biennialIn July, hordes of rock fans arrive for the town’s famous annual festival.lasting a particular time: month-long, week-long, one-day, three-day etc, one-week, three-week etcThe summer highlight however is the three-day festival starting on August 2nd.types of festival: cultural, literaryHe has given poetry readings at literary festivals.
Nouns frequently used before festival
arts, comedy, dance, drama, film, folk, jazz, music, pop, rockIt has been shown at various international film festivals, winning an award in Chicago.
Verbs frequently used with festival
organize a festival: have, hold, host, organize, run, stageA huge medieval festival is held here every August.help pay for a festival: sponsorThe university is involved in sponsoring local arts festivals.go to a festival: attend, go to, visitPeople come from all over Europe just to attend the festival.
Verbs that frequently follow festival
run, take placeThis year’s festival runs from 22 September to 22 October.
Nouns frequently used after festival
audience, director, goer, organizerThe band drove the crowd wild and got festival goers to their feet dancing.

a religious celebration or public holiday

Verbs frequently used with festival
celebrate, observeHindus celebrate a spring festival called Holi at this time.
Verbs that frequently follow festival
celebrate, commemorate, markSome religious festivals mark the sowing, rather than the harvesting, of crops.
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