field collocations and examples

 UK /fiːld/

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a subject that you study or a type of work that you do

Adjectives frequently used with field
chosen, particular, related, respective, specialist, specializedYou will have the chance to work closely with leading specialists in your chosen field.They were both experts in their own respective fields.
Verbs frequently used with field
deal with a field: cover, surveyIn this course we shall survey the entire field of political economy.make a field smaller: narrowGraduates are encouraged to narrow their field of interest and concentrate on two main topics.
Nouns + in frequently used before field
expert, innovator, leader, pioneer, practitioner, professional, researcher, scholar, specialistOccasional seminars and workshops with experts in various fields were also organised.
Nouns frequently used after field of
endeavour, expertise, inquiry, research, studyThis is an active and exciting field of study.

the people or organizations taking part in a competition or business

Verbs frequently used with field
lead the field: dominate, head, leadWe lead the field in our chosen markets.make the field smaller: narrowHis resignation narrowed the field of candidtaes down to five.
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