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 UK /faɪl/

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a set of information on a computera set of papers, documents, or records

Adjectives frequently used with file
types of file: backup, data, digital, downloadable, executable, program, read-me, self-extracting, temporaryYou are recommended to save your references periodically by creating a backup file.containing particular kinds of data: audio, graphic, image, MP3, sound, text, videoThe first thing is to decide what type of sound file you want to create.
Verbs frequently used with file
open/close a file: close, openYou need a special piece of software to open this file.get a file so that you can open it: access, download, locate, retrieveYou will need a password to download these files.look at a file: viewTo view a PDF file, locate the file on your computer, and double click it.make or copy a file: copy, create, generateThe user should create a new file with the same name as the existing file.change a file: convert, edit, modify, overwrite, rename, updateAny attempt to overwrite the file will result in an error message.keep a file: hold, keep, saveSometimes you will want to let the user save a file to disk.get rid of a file: deleteYou may think that emptying the Recycle Bin will finally delete the files but it doesn’t.make a file secret: encryptData in these files is encrypted, securing your information against unsanctioned users.return a file to the place where it belongs: uploadTo upload your files to the website, you can use an FTP program.
Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with file
directory, folder, subdirectoryAdd a comment to each file, folder and disk.
Verbs frequently used with file
have/keep a file: hold, keepPersonal data in files held by such organisations must be accurate, up to date and accessible.keep information in a file: keep something on file, record something on file, retain something on file, something remains on file, store something on fileThe photograph will be kept on file and you will be offered a copy as a souvenir.We shall contact you after a year to ask if you would like your details to remain on file.start/complete a file: close, openThe responsible officer will open a file on the complaint.
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