final collocations and examples

 UK /ˈfaɪn(ə)l/

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at the end of a process or event

Nouns frequently used with final
last event or product: draft, exam, report, versionProjects typically end with a reflective final report.last part or stage: part, phase, stageYou should be reaching the final stages of planning.result: mark, outcome, placings, reckoning, result, score, tally, verdictAs a group you should always be optimistic about the final a war, argument etc: battle, confrontation, showdown

at the end of a series of things

Nouns frequently used with final
in a book or document: chapter, paragraph, sectionThe final chapter contains more detailed background information for the a play or film: episode, instalment, sceneThere’s a very creepy, very spine-tingling sequence at the end of this final a competition: game, match, play-off, round, setThis sets both teams up nicely to face each other in the final play-offs.

Usage note

In sport, the final whistle is the whistle that is blown to mark the end of a match: We had now gone to pieces and the final whistle could not come soon enough.


when a decision, offer etc cannot be changed

Nouns frequently used with final
answer, decision, offer, say, settlementYou’ll have 30 seconds to select your responses and to confirm that it’s your final answer.The Referee’s decision is final.
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