findings collocations and examples

 UK /ˈfaɪndɪŋz/

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information that you discover after doing research

Adjectives frequently used with findings
main: key, main, principalThe event featured key findings from research carried out by the project.important: important, significantKeep people informed of any significant findings in your assessment.interesting or surprising: interesting, startling, striking, surprising, unexpectedTo many students this exercise brings about unexpected findings and surprises.shocking/worrying: alarming, disturbing, shocking, worryingScientists describe the findings as both surprising and alarming, because they suggest global warming could be accelerating.not final: initial, interim, preliminary, provisionalThis paper reports on the initial findings of the evaluation team.
Nouns frequently used before findings
audit, poll, project, report, research, study, surveyThousands of professional journals spread new research findings worldwide.
Verbs frequently used with findings
record findings: describe, outline, record, report, summarizeA newsletter summarising the key findings is available.make findings public: communicate, disseminate, present, publicize, publish, shareThis talk presented the findings of a national survey into the final year at medical school.examine findings: analyse, compare, discuss, interpret, reviewThey will then be inputting their data into a computer before interpreting their findings.confirm or repeat someone else’s findings: confirm, corroborate, replicate, substantiate, validateA new study has confirmed earlier findings on leukaemia in the region.
Verbs that frequently follow findings
show: demonstrate, highlight, imply, indicate, reveal, show, suggest, underlineThe findings suggest that people are generally honest about money other findings: confirm, reinforce, support, underscoreThe findings confirm predictions of the Big Bang theory.contradict other findings: challenge, contradictThe researchers say that their findings contradict the idea that drinking too much beer makes people obese.
Nouns frequently used after findings from
consultation, experiment, investigation, project, questionnaire, report, research, review, study, surveyThe book concludes with a summary of the main findings from this research.
Nouns frequently used after findings of
audit, consultation, inquiry, inspection, investigation, poll, project, questionnaire, report, research, review, study, surveyThe findings of the survey are described on page 4.
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