fine collocations and examples

 UK /faɪn/

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money you must pay for breaking the law

Adjectives frequently used with fine
immediate: automatic, instant, on-the-spotIndividuals who defy the legislation face on-the-spot fines of £50.large: crippling, enormous, heavy, hefty, large, massive, stiff, substantial, swingeing, unlimitedHefty fines will be levied against anyone breaching the restrictions.not yet paid: outstanding, unpaidMany people are in prison because of unpaid fines.
Verbs frequently used with fine
get a fine: face, get, incur, receive, riskThey will face unlimited fines and possible imprisonment.make someone pay a fine: give someone, impose, issue, levyThere were concerns about the low level of fines imposed by magistrates’ a fine: payHe said he would go to court rather than pay the fine.
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