finger collocations and examples

 UK /ˈfɪŋɡə(r)/

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one of the long thin parts on your hands

Adjectives frequently used with finger
fat: chubby, fat, podgy, stubbyA child with short stubby fingers will struggle to play the Double Bass but may find a brass instrument presents no problems.not straight or healthy: arthritic, bent, crooked, gnarled, swollenMy fingers are really swollen.thin: bony, delicate, slender, thinHer slender fingers were never without a cigarette.
Verbs frequently used with finger
point a finger: jab, point, pokeHe jabs a finger at a paragraph in one of his books.move your fingers: flex, wag, waggle, wiggle“This is your fault, young lady,” he said, wagging a finger in Michelle’s face.make a noise with your fingers: click, snap“Don’t click your fingers at me, I’m not a dog,” Hannah continued.
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