firm collocations and examples

 UK /fɜː(r)m/

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a business or company

Adjectives frequently used with firm
with a good reputation: established, leading, prestigious, reputable, respectedBy using the internet I made a list of the reputable large a firm is: international, large, medium-sized, multinational, smallSmaller firms are often well behind the market leaders.
Nouns frequently used before firm
involved in finance: accountancy, accounting, brokerage, consulting, equity, insurance, investment, manufacturingThough only 37, she is already a partner in a local accountancy firm, heading a team that advises medical practitioners.involved in the law: lawThe men are represented by lawyer Frances Blake, head of the human rights department at a leading London law firm.involved in building, manufacturing etc: construction, engineering, haulage, manufacturingOn leaving school he joined an electrical engineering firm at Rugby.
Verbs frequently used with firm
create a firm: establish, found, set up, startHe founded a building firm in 1860 and was later joined by a partner named a firm: manage, runI plan to run my own engineering firm when I graduate next May.
Verbs that frequently follow firm
when a firm employs someone: employ, hire, recruitThese firms employ graduates from any degree discipline.what firms do: act for, manufacture, operate, specialize in, supplyOur 217 member firms operate on more than 500 sites and employ 21,000 staff.when a firm fails: close down, fail, go bust informal, go under informal, shut downAfter a few months the firm failed and the family again experienced great hardship.
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