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 UK /fɪt/

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healthy, strong, and regularly taking exercise

Adverbs frequently used with fit
very: extremely, incredibly, really, remarkably, supremely, veryAbove all else we were supremely fit.rather: averagely, fairly, moderately, pretty informal, quite, reasonably, relativelyIn order to become a diver, you need to be reasonably fit and healthy.physically: physicallyApplicants must aged 20–65 and be physically fit.completely: fully, perfectlyBoth of them are fully fit and will line up in the Wolves side tonight.
Verbs frequently used with fit
appear fit: feel, lookThe weight started coming off and I was feeling much fitter.get fit: become, getAs you get fitter, you’ll gain muscle mass which is more dense than fat.stay fit: keep, stayTo keep fit, Shelley takes part in several half marathons each year.
Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with fit
active, athletic, healthy, lean, strongI look fit and healthy now, but four years ago everything was different.

of a good enough standard for a purpose or use

Nouns frequently used with fit
condition, stateThey examined the mine to determine whether it was in a fit state to be entered with safety on not.
Nouns frequently used after fit for
consumption, habitation, purpose, useThe house has been extensively refurbished to ensure that it is fit for purpose.
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